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H.Balance Audit Ltd.

Our company has fulfilled continuous accounting and tax duties of public limited companies, partnerships, limited liability companies, social organisations and foundations generally or limited only on certain areas (e.g. payroll module) within the framework of continuous contract.
We are in contractual relationship with more than 140 companies.

  • We provide our services at our site under the most up-to-date office and IT conditions.
  • We perform our work with software and hardware back-end support that widely fulfils the requirements raised by the present age and the constantly changing legal environment.

We would like to preserve the trust of our clients in the long run and we are in the possession of continuous professional liability coverage for fulfilling our internal expectations with respect to ourselves as well. We have operated quality assurance system certified in accordance with ISO 9001:9002 standard since June 2006.

It is obvious for us to participate in in-service trainings and monitor the changes to remain professionally up-to-date. For providing end-to-end service to foreign clients we organise further trainings of English language at our site to supplement our existing language skills.

Short-term objectives and development plans:

Taking the tendencies of the past years into consideration our idea seems more and more in which we could be dominant in the market segment of the accounting bureaus and become professionally acknowledged and stable partners of small and medium sized enterprises supporting their activity and management.

In order to reach our objectives we have set a grand development plan:
The main idea is to bring our clients closer to knowing more of their own business management via an “interactive”, client's area-type, automatically operating service portal.

Via the client’s area our clients can continuously obtain up-to-date information and the tailored lists included in the contracts from their accounting without our active participation and they can update their data with relation to our cooperation. (Our job is “only” to ensure that you always come across up-to-date information that we guarantee as well.)

We do it with our unconcealed intention that numbers should not only mean pure data in the future but information filled with content for our clients and recognising their meaning they should become proactive actors rather than passive participants of the macro-economic processes thus enhancing their own profitability as well.

Obviously we will remain accessible also directly for everyone in the future. Face-to-face communication and good, familiar atmosphere will remain the same in the future as well.

To facilitate your daily work we intend to forward easily accessible document templates, regulation templates, information on exchange rates and interest rates, news of the economy, texts of legal regulations, directives, news releases and other contents not only to our clients but all inquirers via our new web portal beyond the customary automatic information supply.