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  • General outsourced book-keeping: Classic salary solution when all the vouchers of the company are physically handed over to our office and we shall return them archived after closing the accounting process.
  • General remote accounting: You forward your vouchers in electronic format what we then attach to our accounting programme and store their data after recording them. Thus not only the field of the given transaction can be traced back in the book-keeping but the image of the voucher as well. With this procedure you can save time, money and resource capacity as well.
  • Company screening, repeated auditing: The management of the company can get into a situation (e.g. takeover or sale of company or change in the shareholder structure, etc.) when the interpretation of the accounted data bases and the answering of potential investor questions become necessary. In such a case the opinion on the company’s financial situation and the explanation of the corner numbers of the reports may become essential with the involvement of an expert accountant.
  • General on-site accounting: In case of demand the whole accounting work process can be performed at your residence with the use of your own resources.
  • Accounting consultation with business process management: In case the organisation of a company exceeds transparent scale (ca. 10 to 15 employees) reorganisation and rationalisation of the accounting processes as well as the flow of vouchers and information can become necessary. With this process you may obtain a transparent and easily manageable system that can be adapted freely at subsequent stage leading to reduction of resources and cost. Furthermore it can establish the introduction of an up-to-date controlling system.
  • Implementation and operation of management information system with reports: Conscious managers may not exist without tailored and up-to-date information that are supplied by reports fitted to their own demands. We participate organically in their establishment; we make proposals on their content, form and regularity.
  • General reporting from single and double entry book-keeping registries as well as preparation of public service reports for social organisations.
  Jakob Fugger and his accountant, Matthäus Schwaz in the golden room


Jakob Fugger and his accountant, Matthäus Schwaz in the Golden Room.