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Dear Inquirer,

Should you request an offer about our services ( accounting, payroll calculation, tax consultation, consultation on business administration and management, writing regulations, auditing or headquarter services ), please furnish us with detailled information about your company in order to enable us to send a tailor-made offer for you

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H.Balance Audit Ltd.

Endre HOLLÁR, Managing Director of H.Balance Audit Ltd. about the company

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Outsourcing in business administration

You surely know that by outsourcing we mean the process in which you hand over one of the supporting activities of your company to a service provider specialised on that particular activity.
Why would you do that?

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Address: 1062 Budapest, Aradi u. 68.

Telefon: (+36)1 479 6050

Fax: (+36)1 479 6057

Mobil: +36 20 320 7485


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Payroll calculation

  • Continuous payroll administration (paying office, non-paying office)
  • Declaration of staff to Social Security
  • Individual payroll calculations
  • Administration of National Health Fund care
  • Compilation of monthly tax-and allowance contributions
  • Declaration of the personal income tax of individual persons

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Headquarter services


We provide the possibility to use residence.

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