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Headquarter services

We provide the possibility to use residence.

  • You can use our address for correspondence.
  • We provide office services to companies who do not have an office due to cost efficiency reasons.
  • We manage consignments, we notify you about the arrival of a consignment which we forward to the given address at your request.
  • We provide telephone and fax services
  • Following the clarification of details we provide meeting room for your discussions and meetings.
  • Provision of corporate administration with a firm background of barristers.
Following the issuance of the declaration of acceptance you can indicate our address as the address of your headquarters in your official documents.
You can direct your correspondence, faxes, eventual orders, telephone calls to this address and we will inform you about the various requests, the expected authority checks and we forward your correspondence to the address provided by you.
Subject to prior discussion we provide a comfortable meeting room for your discussions, business meetings..
We provide permanent assistance and security. We make sure that all pieces of information, consignments and requests reach you in time and in a way agreed with you beforehand.