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Outsourcing in business administration

Rationalisation of tax consultation, pay-roll calculation, HR outsourcing
Rationalisation of accounting and financial processes
You surely know that by outsourcing we mean the process in which you hand over one of the supporting activities of your company to a service provider specialised on that particular activity.

Why would you do that?
The explanation is simple: you obtain professional service while you only have to concentrate on the activity that generates revenue. One of the important consequences of outsourcing is that the costs and performance indicators of the outsourced activity will become transparent, measurable and capable of planning that may strengthen the company’s market position taking the final result into consideration.
Have you ever thought over what advantages outsourcing can bring you?
It results mainly in cost reduction:
  • No more office capacity requirement (renting fee, maintenance, amortisation, etc.)
  • No wages and public charges in the outsourced area; the cost of labour administration and pay-roll will decrease.
  • No IT equipment and software requirement and costs related to system supervision and software update.
  • No need for continuous training of internal professional team and the procurement of specialist journals and books.
  • In the course of his work performance the business administration service provider will obtain diverse knowledge and will apply this additional knowledge and experience during the service provided to you.
  • Beyond cost optimisation his available strategic and target-oriented thinking can facilitate the increase of effectiveness and market productivity.
  • While no real guarantees exist for the quality of the supporting processes performed in an internal organisation, a service contract can provide general guarantee and prevent a vast number of risk factors with insurance coverage.
  • Reasons for eliciting outsourcing can be the following:
  • Changes in the legal environment
  • Organisation changes
  • Költségoptimalizálás
  • Increase of effectiveness
  • Wage and staff management
  • Professional competence
  • Modification of financial indicators
Think it over, calculate and make decision fast in order to make time work for your purse.