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Reference partners / Clients

Papírbázis Kft.

"Cooperation of Papírbázis Kft. and H. Balance Audit Kft. is based on joint trust and professional preparedness. Papírbázis Kft. places high emphasis on serving his clients on maximum level and in a friendly and helpful manner. This is why they chose H-Balance Audit Kft. as a contractor."

Papírbázis Kft.
Dukavits András

Garai & Colnár lawyer´s bureau

"Accurate, quick, reliable and we can always rely on their opinion and advice in answering questions raised during our practice."


Sigfrid and Sons

" Before contacting H.Balance Audit Kft we did not have the slightest idea what an accountant would have to fulfil or in what ways and accountant could facilitate the expansion of our company.

It was not raised by the accountancy that strategic cooperation and consultation on daily basis could be an opportunity. More than 6 month have passed since we concluded our cooperation contract and now we feel we could never trust any other company on this level. As our consultant they have drawn our attention to facts by means of which we can operate more effectively and smoothly by making decisions fully in line with our financial status.

We are confident that despite the growth of our company our book keeping and payroll management is in very good hands and we would never take them out of these hands. If we have to mention only one thing as the outcome of our cooperation, it is the fact that we can sleep calmly because they are always available and inform us about everything on time. "

Sigfrid and Sons
Szabóné Ancsa

Our Clients have diverse business activities, which also means that our task is also diversified and interesting. 

Thus we are able to execute practically all kinds of activities in the field of tax and accounting 

Our Clients’ fields of operation include the submission of special reports and registrations related to public and non-profit organisations, provision of diverse services (barristers, commercial activities), industrial production (constituting the greatest professional challenge.)